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Recognized as the Leading Trainerize Platform Expert, Health & Wellness Coach, and Business Systems Mentor


In fact, in March 2020, Trainerize reached out to Rob directly to onboard and train all the new coaches swarming to the platform. He provided this support for the next 6 months until Trainerize could re-establish appropriate customer support capacity to reassume these duties. 

The world as we knew it changed drastically in 2020! Have you and your business adjusted to thrive in the new "normal"? 


The Covid-19 Pandemic forced a dramatic and permanent change in how businesses operated, especially how Personal and Group Training was provided. Old-school traditional methods and practices were no longer accepted by local governments, nor were they wanted by a vast majority of the public.  Many, if not most, trainers and gyms were caught in a chaotic scramble of trying to figure out how to survive financially. Compounding this challenge is the fact that not many people in our field are technically proficient.


This is where I can help you - not only to survive but to THRIVE in this new word order!!


We were fortunate that we were prepositioned for this situation. We decided to move our Personal Training Studio and Health Coaching Services to an all-online platform in 2014; we transitioned to 100% online remote services in July 2018. We had the privilege of time for developing and learning online processes for 4 years and then applying and honing it in over another 20 months prior to COVID.

IMAGINE what your life would be like if you could........

Set up your business systems to run optimally and efficiently, get your Trainerize Account set up correctly and be proficient using it, (avoiding mistakes that don't need to happen!), and operate your Online Personal Training Business in a way that serves you - and allows for you to have a personal life - outside of work.


The most difficult part is getting started, taking the time to ask for help, and implementing change. There are so many things to do already just keeping your head above water it's difficult to envision things can change for the better. The overwhelm is a never-ending spiral robbing you of precious time & hope - you are going to need help to reverse the cycle.  Frustrated, frantic, and anxious is no place to operate, it's barely surviving, and you know that it isn't an option for long! Not not, not ever!


"I can't thank you enough for our time working together.  You provided me with everything I needed to have a clear direction and purpose with my business over the summer and moving forward. 

Your coaching gave me everything I needed and because of that, I was able to get together my down payment and financing to buy my absolute dream home. 

What you do changes people's lives coach! This would not have been possible without your help, and forever grateful for our relationship Rob! 

I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me! 🙏❤😊"

TOM M, 2020 Business Coaching Client


Hi! I'm Rob Yontz

Your Certified Health Coach, Trainerize Expert, and Business Coach 

  • Educated as an Electrical Engineer, Statistician.
  • 35-years business systems - operations experience
  • Active Duty Military 6 years
  • Reliability Engineer 15 years
  • Owner operator of fitness business 20 years

=> Technically proficient, Fitness business specialist, root cause analysis specialist

  • Began 365 coaching (hybrid/travel) in 2005
  • Began online/remote training clients in 2009
  • Began using the Trainerize platform as a coach in 2013
  • Began Mentoring / Coaching in Business and the Trainerize platform 2016
  • Created Trainerize Made Simple FB Group in 2017

Multi-disciplined to help you lead your business! 

  • Recognized as one of the Leading Trainerize Product Experts
  • Heart Rate Variability Specialist
  • Heart Rate Training Specialist
  • Master Personal Trainer
  • Program Design Specialist
  • Business Systems / Operations Analyst / Consultant

I mentor people in their health + fitness business. In that line, I am a product expert in the Trainerize platform and I mentor coaches as to how to optimally integrate the Trainerize platform, as well as their other business systems and operations, to BEST serve their business and life goals. My approach is "concierge-style"; its all about you - we focus on all the aspects of what you want your business to be, how it provides for you, how you coach, whom you coach.

Let's Connect and Talk; Book your call with me today: 

The link above is for a 20-minute ZOOM video appointment. This is a no-risk consultation and is complimentary. The purpose of this talk is so we can connect and I get to know about you and what you are looking for, and you get to know about me and how I can help you. 


The link above will land you on a page where you can take immediate action to book a coaching appt right away!  You will be able to select either a standard 50-min coaching session, or if you want to meet as soon as possible, there is a VIP "pop-up" 50-min coaching session which will allow you to schedule an appt within 3 hours (if I am available)! 


I look forward to meeting, and speaking with you!  Thank you.


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