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Fight Chronic Inflammation by Changing the Way You Eat

Recent headlines show that awareness is growing about the connection between chronic inflammation and many serious health conditions. In fact, it appears that chronic inflammation may be the cause – rather than a symptom – of these conditions. Medical experts now believe that your diet and other lifestyle strategies can play a major role in…

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How to Fight Depression with Exercise

How to Fight Depression with Exercise Is turning to therapy and medication the most effective solution for fighting depression? Studies are beginning to show that you can fight depression at home with a change in your activity level. It’s true! Physical activity can have a profound impact on your ability to overcome what ails you.…

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5 Techniques to Help You Create Better Coping Skills

How often have you told yourself, “I just can’t cope” or “I just don’t have the strength to deal with this” or similar versions of a self-doubting declaration?   It’s so natural to succumb to the stress and frustrations of life that you start to believe that you’re incapable of passing over life’s challenging hurdles.…

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6 Surprising Benefits of Stress

Hearing the word “stress” creates an image in all of our minds and for most of us it isn’t pleasant. Let’s face it, stress has a very negative connotation, but it actually can have some surprising benefits. Today we’d like to ask you to consider stress from a different perspective. We all know that extreme…

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