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Secrets to Becoming More Stress Hardy

Sometimes stress can be good for you, especially when it gives you the motivation to complete a task.   Learning to adopt strategies to successfully deal with stress provides a feeling of satisfaction and the belief that you can handle challenging situations when and should they arise.   A certain amount of stress is necessary…

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Learn to Breathe Out Stress Anytime

In today’s frantic and fast-paced world, everything seems to happen at breakneck speed. Now more than ever it’s vital that you take care of yourself so you remain calm and happy throughout the day.   Thankfully, tools like yoga and meditation provide your mind and body with an opportunity to learn to deal with stress…

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8 Actionable Tips for Making Life Changes Less Stressful

While change can be difficult for many people to deal with we want to share with you that it really doesn’t have to be so hard.  In fact, it can be pretty exciting when to learn to embrace life and all the chaos that comes with it when changes occur.   Since we made the…

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Are Digestive Enzymes Crucial for Your Health?

What Are Digestive Enzymes and What Do They Do? Digestion doesn’t just take place in your stomach. The pancreas produces a large portion of your digestive enzymes, as do the small intestine, stomach lining, liver, and salivary glands[i] (digestion begins in the mouth, after all).   These enzymes do not digest food -they digest nutrients.…

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8 Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

We are really enjoying these first days of Spring.  I took this photo the other day on one of our walks. I just love the beautiful shade of purple.   We set alarms throughout the day to get up and take short walks and do a few stretches. It’s been amazing to see the daily…

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