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Protein Packed GF Blueberry Muffins

Last year was our first winter in Olympia, Washington.  We rented a small studio while we were looking for a permanent place to live.    We ended up getting pummeled by four snow storms that were not expected, it soon became known as “Snowmageddon.” Apparently it was the snowiest February since 1949 according to Weather…

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The Power of Being on a Mission

We are sure you know people who are highly motivated and driven.    It seems that no matter what they work on, whether it is a task in their job/business or doing something around the house, that there is a sense of purpose and “mission” to what they do.   They always want to do…

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5 Steps To Be More Honest With Yourself in the New Year

If you are serious about improving yourself as a person, if you’re serious about developing yourself, then honesty is an important part of the journey.   Honesty is a key aspect of developing because if you aren’t being honest with yourself, how on earth do you plan to grow?   When we choose dishonesty and…

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Ditch Your New Years Resolutions and Set Up Micro Habits for Success Instead

The New Year 2020 is right around the corner and most people have begun thinking about the changes they want to make for the year ahead.   We have never been ‘big’ on making New Year’s Resolutions. And most people fail because they are following an all or nothing approach.   And we are here…

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Cold & Flu Lovers Vegetable Soup!

What can I say? My 16 year Cold & Flu Streak finally came to an end and boy has it packed a wallop!   Since as long as I can remember, back to 2003, when Rob and I bought our first exercise franchise, I’ve been able to avoid getting sick and missing any time off…

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